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Bone Grafting

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Who Needs a Bone Graft Before Getting a Dental Implant?

Individuals who have had missing teeth in their mouth for some time tend to need a bone graft before getting an implant. The jawbone needs the stimulation from a tooth root or an implant to remain healthy; otherwise, it degrades. A bone graft replaces the missing bone so your jaw can securely hold a dental implant.

How Much Is a Dental Bone Graft?

Your cost for a dental bone graft depends on whether your oral surgeon is augmenting a single implant location or you are getting implant-supported dentures and need your entire jaw built up. If you would like affordable bone grafting services, contact our office to arrange a consultation.

Do Sinus Lifts Hurt?

Sinus lifts require local anesthesia and sedation for you to remain comfortable. After the surgery, you will be prescribed pain medication for any postoperative discomfort and told to take several days off work. Within a week, you can go back to your normal activities.

Sedation Dentistry

What Are the Different Types of Sedation?

There is mild inhalation sedation, which is laughing gas. Oral sedation, which produces moderate sedative effects, is medication. IV sedation is the strongest sedation; our oral surgeon can adjust the dosage to meet your specific needs. Contact our office if you need a sedation dentist in East Frisco.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Typically Cost?

Your sedation dentistry cost is based on the type of sedation that you have and the length of time it is used.

Tooth Extractions

Are Surgical Tooth Extractions Painful?

Our oral surgeon will make sure that the areas where he or she will be working are numb before beginning. You can also request more local anesthesia if you begin to feel any pain during the surgery. You will also have sedation, which will make the surgery easier on you. If you would like an appointment with an oral surgeon who makes your comfort a priority, call our office.

What Do Oral Extractions Normally Cost?

Your surgical tooth extraction cost is dependent on the affected tooth’s location, your sedation choice, and your dental insurance coverage. Dental insurance may cover extractions that are necessary to maintain your oral health.

Why Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Even if you wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, our dentist may suggest that you have them extracted. If you need an oral surgeon to surgically remove your wisdom teeth, call our office to schedule your appointment.

Oral Pathology

Who Uses Oral Pathology Services?

Dentists and oral surgeons use oral pathology services to get an accurate, timely diagnosis as to whether a tissue sample contains cancerous cells or is evidence of another oral disease.

Who Does Oral Cancer Screenings?

When your family dentist is performing your routine exam, he or she will look for any abnormalities in your mouth. Family physicians also can perform oral cancer screenings. Call our office if it has been more than a year since you have had a screening; adults should have one once a year.

Are Oral Cancer Treatments Expensive?

If your cancer was not detected until stage IV, your treatment costs are the highest. While coverage varies widely, your health insurance provider may cover some of your costs.

IV Sedation

Where Can I Get General Anesthesia for a Dental Procedure?

If it is appropriate for you, our oral surgeon can administer general anesthesia. If you have dental phobia or anxiety, our oral surgeon may suggest a moderate IV sedation instead. For extensive dental work, general anesthesia may be used.

What Does General Anesthesia Cost?

Your cost for general anesthesia or a more moderate IV sedation depends on the length of your procedure and whether you have insurance that may help defray the cost. Our oral surgeon will provide you with the anticipated cost for your IV sedation prior to the surgery.

Oral Surgeon

Are Oral Surgeons Dentists?

Oral surgeons are dentists. To become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, an individual must graduate dental school and complete four more years of training in a residency program. If you need the services of oral surgeon in East Frisco, contact our office to arrange an appointment. We enjoy meeting new patients.

What Do Oral Surgeons Normally Charge?

Your cost to see an oral surgeon depends on the treatment you are having done and whether you have dental insurance that will cover the appointment. We aim to keep our fees as affordable as possible, without compromising the quality of your care.

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